Is Chimney Necessary in Modular Kitchen?

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As the kitchen is one of the most essential rooms in the house, it is vital that you carefully plan its layout. Naturally, your modular kitchen and its accompanying elements will have a significant impact on how well-designed your space will be.

One such component which has a major impact on design within the kitchen is chimneys. The placement and function of chimneys vary from one type of modular kitchen to another, but we’ll show you how to spot these features in any type of modular kitchen!

Is Chimney Necessary in Modular Kitchen?

First up are built-in chimneys – these are designed for use with freestanding appliances and cooking ranges in a regular or island configuration.

Built-in chimneys are commonly found in many contemporary kitchens, with a large part of their functionality intended to make it easier for you to keep your kitchen in order while cooking.

The main benefit of these types of chimneys is that they are extremely practical, as they help create a larger apparent working area within the kitchen or on the island. This helps with circulation and makes it easier for you to move about the kitchen in general when you are doing your cooking or preparing food.

You also have the option to choose between two different styles when deciding how you want to place your built-in chimney within your kitchen. For example, you can place them on the wall or on their own stand.

These styles are suitable not only with freestanding appliances but also with range hoods and downdrafts. Built-in chimneys are a versatile and highly functional way to add beauty and style to your kitchen layout!

Next up is the free-standing version of chimneys – these types of built-in fireplace features are placed directly on top of countertops in modular kitchens. It’s important to note that they are just like any other freestanding kitchen appliance, so despite their different locations, you’re still able to store and clean them through the same methods.

Just like built-in chimneys, free-standing chimneys can be placed in a variety of different styles and locations across your kitchen layout. They are a great way of creating an additional working area without having the need to upgrade your whole kitchen.

These work exactly the same as their built-in counterparts regarding ventilation – they help remove heat from cooking or food preparation and ensure it doesn’t touch the walls in your kitchen space.

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